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Latest Technology Trends

The internet and web design in general is a relatively new technology that has produced a rapid explosion of new visual and interactive design techniques and strategies as it has proliferated over the past years. Keeping up with the latest trends and strategies when it comes to cutting-edge web design can be tough due to how fast it grows, changes, and the various roles it evolves to play in the lives of consumers and as a marketing tool for brands. The good news is that web design in and of itself is becoming much more streamlined and easy to use for practically anyone. For example, you can use this easy website builder from  Dynadot to create beautiful modern, and not to mention up to date looking websites, for FREE!

Cloud Computing

cloud-servicesOne of the latest and most important web design advancements is the advent of cloud computing. While this isn’t itself a web design technology it has allowed for a rather significant advancement in web design: resource pooling. Resource pooling is a new technological system in which web design resources such as graphics, code, templates, and more are all stored on a cloud server and shared freely between developers who have access to it. In a way it can be thought of as a huge bucket of building blocks in which everyone can freely take what they need when they need it. To understand more about cloud computing, you can check out this provided Wikipedia link, here.

One quickly emerging theme in web design is a movement towards a set of standards or best-practices for the creating of various web properties. The lack of such standards over the years has made web design somewhat chaotic and especially problematic for brands trying to provide their consumers with a coherent experience across multiple digital platforms. As web design becomes more websites for all devicesstandardized cross platform compatibility is becoming much more viable. This is due in large part to the fact that mobile devices are becoming the dominant way to interact with the web and on mobile devices the user experience has to be very simple and streamlined in order to work.


Video is also becoming a very important aspect of web design for web developers. This is due to several factors, the first of which is the fact that Internet speeds are now high enough to allow videos to play with ease on most connections including mobile connections. It is also due to the fact that with mobile devices it is often times easier to get one’s message across using a video than trying to get the user to navigate a mobile website on the small screen of a mobile device.